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Tips for choosing a mattress for a child

Most of the time, young children spend in a dream. It is during sleep that a human skeleton is formed. All parents who care for their child try to make his place to sleep as comfortable as possible. If you see that the child is not sleeping well, often turns, and also cannot find a comfortable position for sleep, then the reason for this behavior is obvious – a bad mattress.

To sleep a child was strong and comfortable; you need to buy an orthopedic mattress that will suit your child depending on age.

Choosing the right mattress for children

To decide which one to purchase, it is necessary to find out what mattresses, in general, exist. Today, you can find springless mattresses and springs on sale. The advantages of the former are obvious: such mattresses have a longer service life, they lack electrostatic tension, and they also have orthopedic effect. If you need a mattress for a child, whose age is 0-7 years, then it’s worth buying a springless mattress.

As for fillers for children’s mattresses, then there are two types of material predominant: coconut fiber and latex. Both of these materials are absolutely natural and safe for children. Nevertheless, many experts recommend buying mattresses from coconut fiber.

Finding quality baby mattresses

It is very important to know: when buying a baby mattress you cannot save! Refuse mattresses made of cotton wool or foam rubber, as these materials absorb moisture very well, and therefore are prone to destruction. In addition, the bacteria multiply very quickly in such environments, which mean that your child will not be guaranteed safety.

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So, when choosing a mattress for a baby cot, a new-born needs to pay attention to several factors. First, the product must have a flat surface. Secondly, the mattress should be moderately elastic. Third, it must be completely safe. When buying a mattress, pay attention to the instructions that are attached to it. The instructions should be written: for what age does the mattress fit, what materials are made of, the service life, the recommendation for care.